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5 healthy at-home lunch and snack ideas

by The 100 Companies

If you have not prepared your children’s lunches ahead, they might not have enough time to eat before their next virtual class. It is also important to remember that lunch is not the end of a homeschool day. Lunch is the midpoint.

“If you fill them up with empty carbs and sugar they aren’t able to learn from 1-3 p.m. It also makes things like ‘quiet reading time’ a bit of a struggle,” explains Brainly’s parenting expert, Patrick Quinn.

Here are just a few ideas for healthy lunches:
1. Sandwich kabobs.
2. Trail mix.
3. Homemade chips.
4. Bite-sized cucumber sandwiches.
5. Energy bites.

– Patrick Quinn, a parenting expert at Brainly

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