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$2 Bill Campaign


John Shoup splits his time between New Orleans and St. Croix, which still suffers the ravages of hurricanes Irma and Maria. Still without power, the banks are limited in services, making it difficult for islanders to use credit cards or get cash. That’s when the $2 Bill Campaign began.

When John finally returned to New Orleans after six weeks, he accepted donations, converting those to $2 bills. Now back in STX, he walks the streets identifying those in need and presenting them with envelopes of $100 in $2 bills. The devastating losses are being made better $2 at a time.

To donate to the $2 Bill Campaign, use this PayPal account and Gambel Communications will convert 100% of donations into $2 bills for families in need.

Betsie Gambel, The New Orleans 100

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